Human Potential Research Breakthroughs

I believe this information could well be the most important you will ever consider. Information that gives you something you never had before — a new choice.

As a young boy I became totally convinced that we could change everything for the better if only we had greater minds. I remember having my list of great minds, ranging from the leaders, to the geniuses, to the enlightened. Yet I was disappointed because just like today, judging by the world, none of them had made enough of a difference. Then I came to the conclusion that this was unfair and that we all needed to ‘have greater minds’. But how? Even education has failed to make the difference. Then I read about the unconscious mind.

The Path of Power

Freud was among the first to point out that we have both a conscious and unconscious mind. It is said he maintained that the conscious mind consisted of one seventh and the unconscious mind made up the rest.* The point here is not to argue percentages but to understand that in the main we only use our conscious minds. Clearly this is far below our innate mental potential. I began to wonder what would happen if we could avail of the more. That is, achieve a greater percentage of consciousness. (Education does not allow for this possibility.) Could we make a quantum leap in our mental evolution? I began to see it as a vast unknown mental territory that had yet to be pioneered. Surely this was the ultimate quest? The game was on. Eventually, I was to find the path to the Power that makes this possible.

You already have this Power. Therefore you need to know its nature, content, possibilities and potential. You need to know what this Power can do for you. Above all, you need to know how you can avail of it.

*The Psychology Book, p. 96,, 2015.


If I only told you what you already know there would be no point in reading on. This is about what you have yet to know.

As your guide, I will soon be taking you ever deeper into new and totally unfamiliar mental territory. We will take a path which leads to a Power. So how do you judge the value of a path that is so unfamiliar and even outside your understanding? Surely by the results of the people who have taken it. Ultimately, the only true guideposts are results.

Empowering people

This is about a totally new way of using your mind. I sincerely believe that if you are willing to learn this way it will change you, your life and your future for the better. In fact, the more you use this new way the better will be your results.
Originally, the way was discovered by me while carrying out a series of university studies. The name given to this discovery was Unconscious Attention®. The studies looked at some of the main areas of life and whether using Unconscious Attention® would result in greater success at what I call the business of living. The studies were of a before and after nature, using Unconscious Attention®. (To appreciate the difference please see the results of the studies in results section of the website.)
The seminars were started because of the studies as we needed more people and more businesses to study the effects of this new way of using the mind. Educo is a Latin word which means to draw out. As in, draw out a better future from within. The Educo® Model consists of a series of steps, chief among which is Unconscious Attention®, to achieve this purpose. (Please read about the company which used The Educo® Model to win a global award for education and benefitting communities on page in results section of the website.)
I discovered that Unconscious Attention® allows us to harness greater Mind Power than ever before.


Let us be clear that we are talking about an actual Power. A Power that you can not be aware of or avail of with the usual way of using your mind. I believe the content, the nature and the potential of this Power to be Life- and World-changing. (See ‘Your True Nature’ in The Advance Seminar Breakthroughs section of the website) Please understand that you already have this Power. I want you to allow your Power to be freely expressed and experience the
difference it makes. Unconscious Attention® is the path to the Power.

If you are willing to learn and use Unconscious Attention® you can begin to Educo® (draw out) your Mind Power. The more fully you use Unconscious Attention® the greater the Power. On seminars, we ask people to completely relax and then use Unconscious Attention® to Educo®. The following account pertains to people who have achieved high Unconscious Attention®.
Initially, the person palpably feels the Power as increased Energy in their body. The Energy arises from the centre of the body, goes into the head and then runs down the arms and legs. With the eyes closed, inside the head can often seem very bright. Many see a white light while the body can tend to shake with this electrical-like current. Simultaneously there are feelings of happiness, even euphoria. Afterward, people feel energised and talk about a greater sense of wellbeing. As the Unconscious Attention® level increases you will be astonished to experience that your Mind Power has content, as in a consciousness, an intelligence, a true nature and a purpose of its own. Indeed, that our ultimate potential and achievement is for our Power to be freely expressed through us and so change everything for the better. In fact, this Power is – THE FURTHER YOU.

Demonstrating Mind Power and its benefits

PLEASE NOTE: At the Unconscious Attention® level when two or more people join their Power together, the Power becomes stronger. See Power Relationships section of the website

Initially, I demonstrate this on seminars with people who have achieved Unconscious Attention®. I also enter Unconscious Attention® to allow the Power to be expressed freely from me and do its work. The result is that I can feel for and flow the Power and actually strike the person with it, as shown below. This joining of the Power of both people causes a sudden quantum leap in consciousness and awareness and a greater participation in the nature of the Power for the person. For many this has a transforming effect. Indeed, when people first see it they are baffled because it is outside their understanding of what is possible.

Special Note: On the larger Introductory Seminar I demonstrate the Power with a number of people while only on the smaller Advanced Seminar is it possible with everyone.
I discovered that when two people are capable of Unconscious Attention® the Power of both can join together. That is outside of thoughts or words.


Picture courtesy of Jennifer Woodstock.

Pictures courtesy of Hugh Chambers

The Power is light (white and gold) and is electrical energy, like in nature. When it strikes the person first it causes their body to shake. This may alarm some onlookers initially, but the person experiencing the Power increase is generally having the time of their Life.


Unconscious Attention
What you have just read is only possible with people who are willing to train and practise to achieve Unconscious Attention®. Once they achieve Unconscious Attention® this allows them and me to join our Power to achieve results a person would be unlikely to achieve on their own. Some people describe this as a quantum leap into Enlightenment (into the light).


Come along to one of our guest events to see video footage of this.


Unconscious Attention® is the breakthrough. Therefore, I maintain that achieving greater Mind Power is no longer a question of chance but of science. On the seminar I provide you with clear, progressive steps which I help you to take. Frankly, you could waste a lifetime and never find them on your own. And of course you have to be willing and able to take the steps. In particular, you must be completely willing to let the Power break through.
A decision only you can make.
I personally like to view this in a fun way, so I say to people, ‘Here is your choice. You can continue living life as you are or as a Superyou of greater Mind Power. You might even choose to become your own Superhero/ine’. In fact, this is the actualisation of the Further You.