Note: Please note that the university studies were solely concerned with using more of the mind, Unconscious Attention® and programs – the goals and outcomes people wanted – the results of which are outlined here. More recent breakthroughs were not the subject of the university studies.


These are the results of a number of studies carried out on people after they had attended an Educo® Seminar.

  • This involved tracking sometimes as many as 400 people’s lives over a 3-year period.
  • Every participant signed to confirm their individual results.
  • The results are not based on selected cases of exceptional individual achievements but on the average attained by seminar attendees.
  • No one was paid to take part in the studies.

Educo® University Study Results

To whom it may concern

‘I can confirm that I was the supervisor of Tony Quinn who was conducting several studies into the potential of Educo® as part of a degree programme. I can further confirm that the series of studies were conducted under the rules and regulations pertaining to the University of East London’.

Kind regards,

Professor Brian R. Clifford.
B.A., MSc., Ph.D., D.P.E., D.Ed., AFBPS,C.Psychol.
  1. Business Success
    There were 107 businesses involved in the study. On average they achieved 360% increase in turnover/ revenue in 3 years. The first year turnover was up 62%, the second up 108% and the third year 190%, for a total of 360%.
    • INDEPENDENT t-TESTS carried out showed that the possibility of this number of businesses ever achieving these results was less than 1 in 1000, yet using Educo® they succeeded.
  2. Personal Finances
    This study tracked 270 seminar participants (some over 3 years). The average income increase was 88% each year, producing a total of 264% for 3 years.
  3. Main Goals in Life
    At the beginning of the seminar participants were asked to list their main goals in life. Over the 3-year period, their capacity for achieving goals increased by 67%, which was so remarkable that the results were off the graph normally used in such studies.
  4. Satisfaction with Life
    A before-and-after study of the participants of six seminars showed that on average their satisfaction with life after 3 to 6 months had increased by 32%. A 3-year follow-up study showed their satisfaction with life had increased by 55%.
  5. Getting into Shape
    Today many people work out. This study centred on using the Educo® approach in conjunction with weight training. An entire seminar of 30 people worked out for a total of 4 hours over the 12-day period (20 minutes daily). On average, participants gained 3 lbs of muscle and lost 7.5 lbs of fat. This ranks as the most result- producing study over 12 days ever carried out under strict university study conditions.





Four people were helped to use Educo® to achieve pain-free surgical operations and recovery without the use of any anaesthetic. The resulting operations were a complete success and were shown on The Late Late Show - the most prominent Irish TV show - and discussed on American television. The four doctors involved attested to the fact that no pre- or post-operative painkillers were needed as no pain was felt. Each operation lasted approximately one hour and the attending surgeons insisted that normally a patient would not be able to endure the resulting pain, which could continue for a number of weeks afterwards. These operations show that our minds can call on unknown human potential of which we are not consciously aware. The operations and the Unconscious Attention® approach used were filmed for the university and are used for study purposes on the seminars.





Natural powerlifting world champion at 65

Imelda was one of the four people who took part in the surgery studies. Here she is seen demonstrating her Mind Power, showing that she has still got it over twenty years later. In fact, according to Imelda, ‘The force grows stronger’.



Tony Quinn winning Mr. Ireland.<br/>Tony Quinn won 12 titles including: <br/>Mr. Ireland, All-Ireland Mr. Health <br/>and Strength, Ireland’s Best Physique, <br/>All-Ireland Mr. Health Culture.
Tony Quinn winning Mr. Ireland.
Tony Quinn won 12 titles
including: Mr. Ireland, All-Ireland
Mr. Health and Strength,
Ireland’s Best Physique,
All-Ireland Mr. Health

The Study That Produced a Franchise!

This study centred on whether using Educo® could help a person get into better shape. It took place over a 12-day period and the results have been hailed as groundbreaking because they show the role the mind can play. There were 60 people involved in the study.
The experimental group consisted of 30 people, an entire seminar. The control group came from people who had not attended a seminar.
Both groups used a similar weight training program, diet and food supplements. The only difference was that the seminar group used Educo®. While the control group achieved above average results by normal standards, the people in the seminar group were literally transformed in just 12 days.
The average result of the seminar group was a 3 lbs gain in lean muscle and a 7.5 lbs loss of fat. (The picture shows precisely 7.5 lbs of fat and 3 lbs of muscle.) People trained with weights for 20 minutes daily, a total of just 4 hours over a 12-day period.
Normally, the fate of such a study would be to lie on a shelf somewhere and gather dust. In this case the results were so exceptional that they gave birth to what has become Educogym®. This is now an international gym franchise.


EducoGym® AWARDS - Global Excellence award 2018 Worldwide Business Review. Best Physical fitness centre 2018 Irish Enterprise Awards.

The fat loss study, to my knowledge, is the most result-producing on record over a 12-day period, and under university research conditions. Uniquely, as far as I am aware, the study demonstrated how the mind could be the deciding factor in obtaining results. I have a huge background in these areas, having won 12 titles myself in addition to training ladies for figure contests, winning 31 titles in all. The seminar will touch on these areas including nutrition, diets, food supplements, weight training, fitness, etc. And of course, the star role the power within plays.





Uniquely He Did No Aerobics

I could not have asked for a better person to work with than Steve Collins. The man is not only a superior physical athlete, but also absolutely fearless. Together we designed programs to achieve Steve’s goals of being an unbeatable fighter, defeating Chris Eubank (who was undefeated in his previous 43 fights) to become the World Super- Middleweight Champion and achieve the lifestyle that he wanted. This included a complete change in his boxing style. As far as I know he is the only boxer in the history of the sport to do no aerobics. In the time we worked together he never did any road work or skipping, etc. Instead, he did weight training 3 times weekly. Yet, similar to the weight loss study, due to the programs he had unusual energy and strength. Indeed, in the return fight with Eubank he was able to box flat out at full power for the 12 rounds after which he had to break our rule and go for a run because he was still so energised.

Superior Mental Athlete

In addition, I designed his nutrition and weight training programs and negotiated his boxing contracts with Frank Warren, the top English boxing promoter. I worked with Steve for 3 fights. He was a joy to work with because of his total commitment and the true champion that he is but above all because of his superior Mind Power. Steve went on to have a number of other successful World Title fights and retired undefeated. To me, Steve Collins is the pioneer/prototype for something that is yet to be - a new kind of athlete.
EducoGym® AWARDS - Global Excellence award 2018 Worldwide Business Review. Best Physical fitness centre 2018 Irish Enterprise Awards.
Steve Collins with Tony Quinn between rounds and with the World Super-Middleweight Championship Belt.

Results achieved post University Studies

Dr. Bob Delmonteque - Pioneer of Health and Anti-Ageing

Anti-ageing Program

Bob, a Naturopathic Doctor from California, felt at 65 that he was going downhill and wondered what he could do. He had spent a lifetime in the field of health and decided that he would make use of all he had learned and try to grow younger as he grew older and thereby defy the ageing process.

Lifelong Fitness

Then if he succeeded he would make the secrets available to everyone. In pictures of him at 65 and then 77 the difference was remarkable! Bob and Tony Quinn met in 1995 and working together they produced two DVDs entitled ‘Secrets to Lifelong Fitness’. When Tony suggested that attending a seminar could be his next step, Bob readily agreed.

Direct from Dr. Bob

‘If you could take my secrets and I could avail of only one then it would have to be using more of my mind. It comes closer to being the answer than anything else I’ve discovered.’

My Greatest Life, Energy and Health Secret

"During my program, all mental effort just fell away, freeing me. I felt every cell in my body being cleared, then activated and filled with Energy. Tony calls his system Educo® (to draw out). That’s exactly what I was able to do, draw out my Life Energy from within and activate all of my cells with it."

Anti-ageing Program

‘When I was exposed to Dr. Quinn’s Educo® System, which I believe to be one of the best-kept secrets in our world, I realised that I was already using much of what he was teaching. I already had my big goal and the passion. Tony taught me to relax deeper than ever before and to use what he calls Educo® and then play my anti-ageing program we designed together.’

Best-Selling Book

‘Learning to use more of my mind has given me greater control than ever before over my body, energy and health. In all of my years in the gym business, as part owner of 500 gyms, no one ever gave much thought to the mind when it came to getting into shape. I am so impressed by this new approach to living that I rewrote my best-selling book to include it.’ Bob has since passed away at the age of 92. He lives on as a great inspiration.


Belize Natural Energy (BNE)

  • Winner of a Global Education Award for Benefitting Communities.

  • United Arab Emirates and Belize Sign Bilateral Treaty in the United Nations

  • Consistently the No. 1 Revenue Generator in Belize.

Susan Morrice, Chairperson of BNE & INE, Part Owner of XJet

Susan Morrice, Chairperson of BNE & INE, Part Owner of XJet.


The background of our story is that 50 oil companies over a period of 50 years explored for oil in Belize, at a cost of $450 million, and failed. In 1984, I, Susan Morrice, an Irish-American geologist, went to Belize to find oil and met Mike Usher, a Belizean. We believed that there was oil in Belize and if it could be found it would lead to the country being transformed. We talked about our dream to anyone who would listen, and over the next 15 years we searched for oil at a cost of $18 million, with no success. Then, in 2002, we attended an Educo® Seminar.


Whilst on the seminar, we realised that Tony’s involvement was essential and that we now had the formula to succeed. We founded two new companies, Belize Natural Energy Ltd. (BNE) and its parent company International Natural Energy LLC (INE). We shared our dream with people who had attended the Educo® Seminars and they also became original investors in BNE/INE.
My family company, CHx, was the only oil company to invest, becoming a 40% joint venture partner. We now had our program that an oil discovery was imminent!


The partnership had just enough money to drill 2 dinner plate sized holes in 500,000 acres of land. Truly, two needles in a haystack. In the oil business on average you have to drill 15 wells before you strike oil. On the evening of the 24th of June 2005, Belize had its very first oil discovery. The impossible had happened – an oil strike in one. At present we have two oil fields, Spanish Lookout and Never Delay, and the BNE joint venture is the number 1 revenue generator in the country of Belize.


In 2007, Tony presented to me a Model that he had specifically designed for the company. This was an extension of the personal Model we had all learned on the seminars and that was so instrumental in us being of one mind in our successful search for oil. I had the Model installed and have since run the company on its pattern. I personally have the use of the Model, but Tony retains sole ownership of it. Josh Stewart, a director in BNE, who also has the use of the Model, presented the BNE Model to a high-level investors group in the United Arab Emirates. The interest was so great that ultimately it resulted in a bilateral treaty signing at the United Nations in New York City in October 2015 between the UAE and Belize – to formally allow Belize to receive substantial investment from this region and abroad.

Winning the Global Education award

On the 8th of May 2017 in London, leaders in Education, Government, Oil and Gas from 50 countries rose up to cheer for Belize Natural Energy and Belize when it was announced they had won the prestigious Getenergy Localization Award, the global educational award in the area of localization, which recognises the contribution of a company in helping local education. The award celebrates excellence in education and training in the oil and gas industry, which in turn impacts and empowers local communities. In this case, the Educo® Educational System is the Model on which the company is run. It was judged that the benefits throughout the local communities from this Model were widespread and substantial and had made the most difference in a country.
50 countries were represented, including the UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA. Large multinational oil companies such as BP, Saudi Aramco (the Saudi national oil company), Petronas (the Malaysian national oil company) and the Kuwait National Oil Company participated. There were universities from the UK and Canada competing for the award also and a very well-known USA training company working worldwide.


Singled out for its part in winning
a Global Educational Award

Singled out for its part in winning a Global Educational Award
Albert Garcia (left), manager of the Belmopan Gym
with His Worship Mayor Khalid Belisle (right).
This gym played a big part in the winning of the Getenergy Award.


The majority of the workforce and investors in BNE have attended the Educo® Educational Seminar to be trained in its Model. In turn, people from the company have been using the Model to mentor
young teenagers with great success. Indeed, would-be investors visiting BNE, for example from the United Arab Emirates, were greatly impressed by the people. They inspired all they met with confidence and trust, as people who can be counted on to make the most of any opportunity that investors would offer. The people of BNE won the educational award because they positively benefitted the community. Now BNE is ready and able to take this further to benefit the country and help secure its future. In addition, BNE working with the government (The BNE Trust) has invested 9.23 million Belize dollars in just over 9 years in education throughout Belize. This included 1072 student loans and 380 direct job creations (not including 150 in BNE).

BNE provides the same facilities in the capital city Belmopan as it does for its employees, namely an Educogym®. Similar to BNE, this gym franchise is run on the Educo® Educational Model. In the Fat Loss study conducted under university research conditions, the Model empowered people to use more of their minds. As a result, they were able to lift unusually heavy weights and transform their bodies in 12 days with only 4 hours training in total. Then, uniquely, they were able to apply this now greater mind to their lives. In the university study, which tracked them over 3 years, they changed all main areas of their lives for the better. Many members of the Belmopan Educogym® maintained that they too were able to apply their minds to their lives to bring about great positive changes in themselves and also in their community.


Khalid Belisle (see picture) had as his goal to become the youngest ever Mayor of Belmopan, which on the seminar he made into a program and later achieved. He has since been re-elected with a greater majority.


According to Howell Gillett, Senior Superintendent of Police in Belmopan, he came to the seminar with the goal of reducing crime in his city. On the seminar he made this his program. Judging by the official statistics he was successful. The Joint Intelligence Coordinating Center Statistics Offices have stated that during 2017 compared to 2016, Belmopan saw a reduction in major crime equivalent to 14.4%, murder decreased by 47% and burglaries saw a decrease of 39%. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the government and people of Belize, Mr. Gillett was declared winner of the Individual Award of Innovation 2018.



XJet Private Aviation

Josh Stewart, President of XJet, Director of BNE & INE.

XJet voted the
Number 1
Private Aviation Company
in the World 2017.

(Source: Aviation International News.)

Since then, we have also been voted Number 1 for 2018.

The very first time I, Josh Stewart, heard the Educo® Model I knew it was the answer. Then Tony specifically designed a Model for XJet and offered me personally the use of it. (Tony retains ownership of the Model.) I was the first person to use it in their business. Through applying the Model I am living a very enhanced version of the biggest dream I could imagine.


I had been a bush pilot in Africa and was at a crossroads in my life and did not know what to do next. I had no money or business experience. My relative, Susan Morrice, advised me to go on the seminar.
On the seminar XJet was born. My program was to own the Number 1 private aviation company in the world. Frankly, when I told people about my program, everyone thought I had lost it. Can you imagine how you would feel if this was your dream and then you woke up one morning to this news?


To go back to the beginning, after I gave myself my program I really felt that I was already the President of the world’s Number 1 private aviation company. When I told this to people they laughed at me. However, when I presented the Model to investors they did not laugh; instead they gave me 35 million US dollars and XJet was a reality. This was a life-changing insight for me. That the average person literally could not ‘see’ what the savvy investor could. That continues to be my experience. Understanding this can be the difference between success and failure. This was 2007 in Denver, Colorado. Now I was living my dream, but armed with the Model I knew I was only getting started.


In 2008, I became an oil man as I became a shareholder and a Director of Belize Natural Energy Ltd. and International Natural Energy. My main role was to oversee the Educo® Model in BNE and also use it to bring in new investors. Similar to what I was doing in XJet. In 2013, we moved our XJet global headquarters to Dubai.

Times Square, October 2015
This resulted in the signing of
the Bilateral Treaty in New York City at
the United Nations in October
2015 in record time.

In 2014, a deal was signed to open a European base in London. This exclusive facility consists of over 100,000 square feet and is the largest private hangar in Europe. Soon we were voted Number 1 Private Aviation Company in the UK and Europe.


With the global success of the XJet Educo® Model there was tremendous interest from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in any other business with that same Model at its core. Therefore, I presented the Belize Natural Energy Educo® Model to a high-level group within the UAE with great success and I set about developing a connection between the two nations (as there had been none up until this point).
I then organised high-level delegations from the government and private sectors within the UAE to Belize with a view to investing in the country and have welcomed the Belize Government into the UAE.


Since the signing, relations between the countries have advanced rapidly with new economic agreements in place, the establishment of a joint economic committee, visa waiver programs, cell phone roaming agreements and others that all help to position Belize to receive substantial investment from this region and abroad.
In 2018, XJet was awarded an exclusive license in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.
This airport is the only dedicated business aviation airport in the Middle East and sits in the heart of the island of Abu Dhabi. We were awarded this prime location based on the Model.
When I started I had no money and no business experience. All I had was the Educo® Model and all this came out of it. Today, the Model is far more powerful because of its ever greater success. Now nobody laughs. Instead, I am continually approached by high-profile people on the world stage who want to know about the Model.
I know it is still just the beginning.