This is where two or more people join their Power together and the Power grows stronger.

In our demonstrations, we take any two people who can call on their True Nature at will. Then have them hold hands. Either one of them can call on the True Nature of both and it will respond instantly. The combination of the Higher Power of two people joined together causes an even more powerful response. After which the power and responses are now stronger in each individual, whether it be love, happiness, bliss, unity, energy, wellbeing, etc. On a larger scale, this would also allow holistic people who live from their True Nature to relate, communicate and unite with others from all over the world, in a way and at a level never possible before. Even largely outside of language barriers, nationalities, differences and issues. Instead, using the New Language of Mind PowerTM.

Could this even hold the possibility of ever more people from all over the world deciding to put aside their differences and add their Power? Thereby creating a new ever-growing World Power for good.

Now those who are willing can learn to use Unconscious Attention® and take the path of Power to a new future. That is why the New Educational Model of the Future TodayTM must put the emphasis on not just knowledge, technology or even leaders but on each of us availing of our Mind Power.


I doubt that many readers have ever seen people who can call on the Power within themselves and others and have it respond to them. To fully appreciate the possibilities of Power Relationships you will need to see the video material or a live demonstration.

For information on upcoming seminars and how you can view the video material please contact: seminars@educoworld.com or phone:+353-1-850-0220